Get endpoint metadata for images


I have been testing Mapillary API V4 and try to get some metadata of images in Heidelberg, German.

For example this one: Mapillary

However, within the request response, I only find the point coordinates, and cannot find the metadata that I needed, e.g., exif_orientation, computed_rotation, computed_geometry


Did I do something wrong here? can you point me to the right way of getting these metadata?

Best Regards,


You’re on the right track! Check the API documentation here to see which additional fields are available and how to add them to your request using the fields parameter. Here’s an example request for the metadata you mentioned:$TOKEN&fields=id,computed_geometry,exif_orientation,computed_compass_angle

Hi @nikola, great! It works like a charm now!

I wonder if there is a shortcut to get all the metadata in a nested format? or we should just listed all possible fields?

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There’s no shortcut to get everything right now, you can just list all the available fields in your request if you need them.