Accessing sequence information using the new API


I’m still finding my way with the new API.

Is it possible to access the metadata for images by sequence ID through the new API?

I can access it for single images as follows:|xxxx&fields=image,value,geometry

I’m looking to access the GPS coordinates for each image and I used to be able to do this using the sequences ID.

Much appreciated.

Unfortunately, there is currently no elegant way to resolve sequence members via the API, as I have already noted to Mapillary developers. For now, hope and patience are our only chance.

Since API v4 is geared towards sector based processing you can try to first manually determine the position (as in a bounding box) of sequences/imagery you are interested in and then download all imagery and metadata in those sectors (or bound box), so that you can match all metadata to all the imagery, and finally filter only those images/sequences that you are really interested in.

However, if I recall correctly, you can resolve sequence members per user. In other words, you can get a list of all the sequences of a user with the corresponding image keys per sequence. So, if you know what particular users or sequences you are interested in then you could take that route. Or, you can go image_key :arrow_right: username, sequence_key :arrow_right: username’s sequences :arrow_right: username’s sequences(sequence_key) :arrow_right: image_keys.

Oh, I have just checked again and it is even easier then I thought or remembered. You can resolve sequence members but you have to issue a GET request per image. So, there you go.

Got it! :partying_face:

You can use the undocumented :man_facepalming: image_ids parameter on the endpoint like so:|…&fields=id,captured_at,geometry,compass_angle,…&image_ids=1,2,3,4,…

So, you do not have to issue a GET requests per image and you can get all the data for all images in one go.

I’ve got the hang of it, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use the undocumented :man_facepalming: image_ids parameter

Better yet, you can use the new ids parameter on the / endpoint.

Any chance of a link to some demo/sample code to convert this to code ?

Having investigated the code of I was able to pull the list of images that a specific user had uploaded… and change how many items to pull on the get… But are you able to explain what:

After: "AQHRmrZg-Pjnf__4w-7S5cYuQd7HCA5e7MSuZIQUTyo6i5Q7v_lU9NVauXCjBxOLwUPurLYJuQH2yfV0L_3N9jZi1Q"

is related to ???

Screenshot 2022-01-16 165918

I am sorry but I cannot comment on undocumented or non‑public APIs. When it comes to that my guess would be as good as yours. All I can say is that this file and URL safe Base64 string decodes to that:

00000000  01 01 d1 9a b6 60 f8 f8  e7 7f ff f8 c3 ee d2 e5  |.....`..........|
00000010  c6 2e 41 de c7 08 0e 5e  ec c4 ae 64 84 14 4f 2a  |..A....^...d..O*|
00000020  3a 8b 94 3b bf f9 54 f4  d5 5a b9 70 a3 07 13 8b  |:..;..T..Z.p....|
00000030  c1 43 ee ac b6 09 b9 01  f6 c9 f5 74 2f fd cd f6  |.C.........t/...|
00000040  36 62 d5

Good luck!

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