Is Mapillary no longer an ESRI Partner?

I am a GIS Manager with a small city, and I recently made a push to capture our own street view imagery using the mapillary platform. This was directly before the huge overhaul of the API and all the issues this summer. Now I am not seeing Mapillary listed as an ESRI Partner at all.

My whole push was to integrate our imagery into our web appbuilder apps since Google Terms of Service prevents this. Now I am back to square one and will probably abandon the idea (and Mapillary) altogether.

Does Facebook have big plans to get into the Geospatial world? Really sucky to see this cool crowd-sourced product be taken over by a tech giant and turned into something proprietary and lame. My two cents anyway.


all my solidarity, facebook is the worst partner ever in Mapillary.



no idea about ESRI but the license is still free on the pictures. You still be able to use the picture free for private and commercial use, and some other data, to.


Hello Nick, I can’t speak for ESRI, but all of their imagery is now under a free license for commercial and non-commercial use. My team and I managed to integrate Mapillary v4 into our public map of road features and hazards without issue, and if you would like some help with the API please feel free to message or email me at

When the API was in v2 I spend the good part of a month integrating an application to the API. Then they changed to v3 and the work was pretty much wasted. I could not get time to redo it in v3 and abandoned the project. That was probably a good call, because now it happened again.

With v3 the API went to the standard GeoJson which was a good point. v4 is a huge change, where not even image keys can be reused - one may have to throw away all data due to this change. Part of the change may be due to the transition to Facebooks systems, as they call their API “graph” like Facebook does. At this time they may have made changes that implement what they have learned from the previous versions. Unfortunately such breaking changes are not nice to people who made a lot of investments into the old API.

Honestly I would not spend a lot of time integrating v4 for just the reason that I might have to totally redo both the implementation and collected data in 2 years.

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