Manipulate sequences from the Android app

Since I find it awful to review and scroll through thousands of photos on my smartphone,
I wonder if it is safe to browse my phone using the Windows Explorer and manually delete the bad ones there.
Will this corrupt sequences or is it okay also if I delete from beginning or end?

Furthermore, vice versa:
What does the app do when uploading a sequence?
Will it work if I insert a photo in a sequence by chosing an appropriate file name
and add the right EXIF information?
I guess the missing MAPPhotoUUID, MAPSequenceUUID and MAPSettingsUploadHash would crash my party, true?

Regards from photastic

Hi @photastic

Yes - I agree, the review activity is far too slow :frowning:
We will look into this in the future - would you use the smartphone to review pictures if scrolling through pictures was fast and responsive?
In the meantime I understand that you need to find a workflow that works for you.

  • It is ok to manually delete pictures that you do not like!
    When uploading the app looks into the folders that are named based on sequenceUUID and looks for jpeg files.

  • However, adding pictures not taken by the Mapillary app is not supported.
    There are a number of EXIF tags that needs to be present.

In the future we will likely suport something similar to this where you have location data provided by the Mapillary application.
This data can be used to attach pictures captured with other devices (like support for action cameras)

Hope this answers your questions!


Hello @rsahlin

I don’t think I would use my smartphone because on a full-grown monitor I can more easily recognize if something
is blurred even when zapping through pictures quickly. When mapping by car I always switch off the “pause on shake” option since half of the time my Samsung S4 mini won’t take any photos as though as in the end only a sparse part of them would turn out bad.

The planned possibility to use a different camera sounds pretty good. :smile:

Regards from photastic

Hi @photastic

Yes, the shake detection seems to be too sensitive.
I’ve been meaning to look into this and maybe even removing it altogether.

Next prioritized featue is support for action cameras - Garmin and GoPro.

Thanks for your comments!

Best regards

There is no documentation of that and last time I asked for that we were pointed to the python source to reverse engineer them to see how it works.

Hi @rsahlin

I use my android phone (oneplus one) to scroll the pictures for bad ones, blur or people mainly and I would love if the app were fast when doing that.
It’s quite convinenient and fast to just look at the thumbnails of a small pictureset while I am having cooffe at work for example but quite anoying when out and about to be thinking about having to keep the sequnces short.
I really hope you can fix this issue

Best regards /mojmoj

Hi @mojmoj and thanks for your mail!

Yes I agree, reviewing photos is too slow.
We have this issue on github:

  • Please follow progress there.

We will definately do it once we have got the more pressing issues out of the way :smile:


Thank you for your answer @rsahlin, I will keep an eye on the github topic.