Looking a gift horse in the mouth

Can you imagine if you make someone a gift, used your own fuel, time and equipment… Can you imagine the receiver of your free gift saying “we have developed software that says your gift is not good enough”
The white roads get further and further from home. It takes time and fuel just to get out to the uncharted roads.
Then to have the newest version make gaps, frequently in my stitched street level mapping pictures!
As I drive along I’m told over and over that my gift to them is not good enough.
They say my GPS is wrong.

Ok, if that’s so I’m willing to make it right.
While in a gap, where my GPS is too far out to even run the camera, I locate a geodetic survey pin on the footer of a bridge.
I stand on the pin, take five pictures, low and behold, I come up with the exact same coordenance as USGS!
If someone gives you a gift, I was taught to take the gift and thank them for the gift.
Refusing a gift because it is not good enough is not an option.
Also, as I contribute my quarter million pictures per week, every single one of those 250,000 pictures is plotted exactly on the road i took them from.
I think it is downright rood to force my camera to stop because their admittedly flawed software thinks my GPS is flawed.
I’m going back to my trusty 3.72 version.

I’m picking up what you’re laying down. What is this about?

Sorry, having a hard time to concentrate on the content with stuff like “low and behold”, “coordenance”, “rood”.

Is this a ChatGPT reply?

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That was also my thought.

I used the big axe on it