Mapping the already green roads


I see that all but about 400 miles of the 1,440 mile route out to La Jara Colorado is already mapped, green. Without much work I can’t tell if it was done going east or west.
I plan to run one camera with Mapillary for the entire trip. The other will be running Openstreetcam.
Once I get out there I’ll be on white roads much of the time.
Just seems sort of a waste to map already mapped roads.
If I didn’t have 4 boys wanting to be out there yesterday I’d take the state roads.
We are going to try to get out the in record time.
Mapillary will take a back seat to making money for the trip out and back.
Once I drop the boys off I’ll have 12 days to map in Colorado.


I’m curious what you see as being wasteful about it.

I’m asking because I’m not sure those roads have really been mapped. They’re lines on paper. And they have some photos w/ some embedded GPS data. But has everything about them really been mapped?

Do you have a stretch that’d be a good example of what you have in mind?


Nothing wrong with recording an area that is already been done. This helps increase the use of the time travel feature.


Better once well done than twice badly.


But what is well done? Looks good? But if the primary purpose of these pics is for computers to suck up the data out of the images, what sort of coverage do they need to do that? Do they need a picture every 3 meters? every 10 meters? How many different angles do they need to ensure they catch all the street signs? How about all the street structures like bump outs?

I don’t mean to be a twat. I agree with the sentiment of a good set of pictures is all that’s needed… But that may be all that’s need for humans. But the stuff they’re running to harvest data from these images may need a lot more.


@JBTheMilker, BTW, I’m jealous of your trip. I love the Alamosa valley. I’d be tempted to move there if I landed a gig where I could work remotely. One of my favorite places there is just down the road from La Jara, San Luis

San Luis is a part of Colorado that not only used to be part of Spain on a map but actually had some colonists / Spanish settlement there. It’s the oldest town in Colorado ( or 2nd oldest; I forget ). It has a big hill next to town that has a wonderful set of outdoor sculptures for Stations of the Cross.


oh, if you’re a boxing fan, right by where you’re going is the town Dempsey was born in, Mansala ( ? )


I’m thinking of interstate 70 between Columbus and St Luis.
Many, many have mapped that stretch of road.
I did as well on the way out and good Lord willing I will again in 2 weeks when I head east.
I’m just not used to running on green roads.
Out here in Colorado there are plenty of white roads.


I’m going down that way in the morning. All white roads.


Allen, thanks for the tip. I saw the childhood home of Jack Demsey and I toured San Luis.
I’m not sure when the images will get downloaded. San Luis had some of the best cell service I found yet.
I’m in the mountains today, no cell service…


You’re welcome. It’s good to see people enjoying that wonderful ( and undermapped ) area. :slight_smile:

Safe travels


My plan is to go back down that way. I just passed through, there are some other white roads in that corner I want to turn green.
Fun area!


Interstate 70 from Columbus Ohio out to Lamar Colorado has been covered multiple times going both east and west. I myself have done that route before.