Dream of a white road mapping tool

Doing what I do, driving the Amish when they go further than a horse and buggy ride, I sometimes have time to day dream. (Other times I don’t have time to stop to P.)
This coming week I’ll be driving from the area in northern Ohio painted green on the Mapillary map down to Rock Hill South Carolina. (Where no Mapillary pictures have ever been taken)
I was day dreaming, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mapping tool that would give me a route down there on roads not yet charted for Mapillary!?
The express route is for me to get on interstate 77 and cruise on down there. Some sections of 77 have not been covered.
But this trip I have some time. I thought wouldn’t it be good to take state routes, ones not yet covered as I drive south.
Last night I looked at the “Explore” map.
I see there is no I need for a mapping tool in this case, for this trip. If I take state routes down, after I leave the parts of Ohio that I have covered, for the most part this entire trip could be done on white roads turning them green. (In one direction)
I still think some sort of mapping tool would be good, to direct contributors to roads that still need to be covered in the direction they need to be going.
What do you think?

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JB, You’re absolutely right!