I am jealous of movie makers

Bicycle highways are being built around the place. I am a member of serveral interested Facebook groups. When someone makes a speedup movie of a new or improved way, they receive many likes and comments. Even if the quality is very bad, you can often even see the brake cables.

I am doing something useful for mapping but have only received one compliment :frowning:


Here is an other: my complements!

Don’t look at the number of likes. Look at what it means to you, and what you add on the long run… I think that what you are doing is more valuable on the long run.

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I like stuff from friends just to let them know I’m paying attention to what they’ve got going on but don’t have anything more to comment.

I like stuff from strangers to encourage them and support them for something they’ve done. It’s not a judgement of the quality of what they’ve done.

@filipc, maybe a short video of your rig, your bike and a little footage out mapping a brand new path letting people know what the mapping enables would be good?

As far as compliments go:
The work you do around here is well… ‘insane’. I like to think of myself as ‘fairly committed’, and I had it easy with a near blank canvas. And then I look at your numbers, which totally dwarf mine.

I can’t help but wonder how you find the time, or the dedication to keep going at it like this.

It must be that I have nothing better to do.
A truth layer is very much needed for OSM.
And I have almost finished.
It is a bit expensive to continue forever.
The numbers nowadays are mainly caused by the dashcam.