Long or short sequences, which is better?

Hi everyone,
normally I upload long sequences, but i’m not sure its a good idea.
in another hand the upload option in the web site, don’t work good when you are uploading more than 4000 photos. (by example, you can upload sequence of 4000 photos uploading some lots of 1000; but the mapa want to show all point and normally the browser fail ).
I think the better way for this long sequence is the script. i haven’t tested it yet.


That’s an excellent question. I tend to upload short sequences on my side, mostly because I am a pedestrian prone to stop shooting once I cross people. I prefer the place to be empty not to be disrespectful (but during special events and/or after having checked it is okay).
But what is best, should there be a preferred option?

I’ll answer that the best sequence length is the appropriate length for wherever you’re taking the pictures. :smile:

I do long sequences and I do short sequences. Basically, I look for a ‘natural’ place to start a new sequence.

When I’m driving on a freeway, I’ll usually have very long sequences; I’ll start a new one when I cross a county line most of the time, but otherwise, I’ll have one long sequence that runs the entire length of the county.

When I’m driving on non-freeway roads, I’ll usually start a new sequence when I make a turn onto a new road, or a road changes name, or sometimes when I cross another feature, such as a stream or river, or a major road. Sometimes these sequences are as short as 2 or 3 pictures, or as long as a couple hundred.



I try to keep my sequences rather short in the 100-500 pictures area. It is far easier to edit them afterwards with this amount of pictures.
Longer ones are easy to manage on the mobile, but hard to manage afterwards…

yesterday i uploaded my last trip with the python tools, +5600 photos in one sequence. Is super easy and fast. even i close my laptop and change of place (in the photo number 2000 approx, with the script running), the Mapillary python tools upload automatically it again. fantastic!

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I’d like to see Mappillary have the tools and backend that would enable a picture to be part of more than one sequence.

Thanks for raising this question. It is difficult to say what is the optimal number of photos. We will work on some instruction on how to best explain this.

As for now @JackTheRipper has probably the best answer to this. It depends on where you are taking the photos and if you are driving, walking, biking or taking a panorama. The more important thing is to break to different sequences when there is a large gps gap.

I don’t take sequences into account when I shoot. Usually I shoot by bike and tries to cover a limited area in depth. The order I shoot in is selected so I can cover as much ground as possible without shooting the same stretch more than once (at least in the same direction).

When people see my pictures and comes to a point where they can go e.g. left or right, my sequence and their next choice is not necessary the same.

So I upload huge sequences with thousands of pictures that stops because I had to stop and fix something and not because it is good for the person who is viewing.