Very short sequences?

Is there any value in contributing very short sequences? I often find myself in situation where I can shoot for a few seconds without people in the path to return later to fill in the gaps.

Does this make sense or should I aim for as long sequences as possible?

Short sequences are still valuable! I even occasionally upload single photos for use with OpenStreetMap editing.


So, essentially, as long as they are good quality, as many as possible is good?

I don’t see an issue with it. Many factors influence how “useful” a picture is, and even then its usefulness is based on one’s subjective perception rather than a global measurement.

For someone who is mapping fire hydrants on OSM 1-3 pictures of a single fire hydrant can be more helpful than 300 images of the street, as opposed to someone who’s mapping the lanes of the street where a long sequence is more helpful.

I’ve taken pictures of single objects before too, like a sign or important landmark. For example:

Well even if you only capture 1% of the way you’re going it can still be helpful if the pictures have been taken at the right position - and if they are in the right position is often just coincidence so better take a few pictures than none at all, especially on ways that haven’t been captured yet.

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Yes, that is my view.

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