Long Delay Downloading Shape Data GeoJSON?

Has anyone else using Organizations found that it sometimes takes days (or even weeks) to download map data from a subscribed shape?

I’ll often request a GeoJSON download from a shape I’ve subscribed to, and about half the time it takes under 5 minutes until it’s ready to download. The other times it takes at least a week.

I’ve reached out to Mapillary about this issue without any response. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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We have the same problem
3 week now : “Preparing download”

We download in December the same place and take around 2 weeks.
In our case maybe because a lot of imagens are incluided.

Our verification project:

Part of the images is obtained by cameras placed on Sistemma’s garbage trucks. The verification will help in better understanding of space and better planning of garbage collection services.

“The garbage truck is the only vehicle that walks every street in the city daily”

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Bumping this topic…

I have GeoJSON downloads still processing from January. Seems unlikely at this point that they’ll every process successfully. Is this still an issue for others?

It’s still an issue for me! Mapillary Support has also not been replying to my emails lately… guess they’re pretty swamped.

Have you considered using the API? Yes, the current version (V3) will be deprecated soon, but until then you can get the data quite fast.

Hey @jorrarro - we can use the API, but if we’re looking for all features of some value within an area, the only API-based solution I can see is querying ALL images in that area and then checking them all for that type of feature. So it’s quite inefficient

You can also query the features directly: Mapillary API Documentation - Version 3