Shapes Gone / No Shape Data Downloads

With the new update, it seems all my shapes are gone. When I create a new shape, there’s no longer an option to subscribe to shape data or to download a dataset of features or detections for the shape.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Same here!
All the shape and they disable download data
Why Mapillary disable download data? 6 months taking pictures with more than 250k images in mapillary. All that to download data to work in GIS and now we can’t
It’s disappointing

Has this been resloved?

Sorry for the tap @eneerhut but I believe we deserve some explanation here. Are object / shape data download coming back? It’s quite a big reason for contributing to Mapillary.

Or alternatively can some .json files be downloaded via some other route?

Edit: this used to be a PAID feature. And a very cost-effective one for some entities. Reconsider… If they’ll let you!

Thank you.

You can download features through tiles API.

For example, I have been using this Python script:

Just set the area, download location and your access token and it will dump all tiles into GeoJSON files.


As @jorrarro mentioned, the API is the best way to download map data currently. We’re looking at new ways to make data accessible to people who want to work with it beyond the API. This will take time, but rest assured we want to allow a wide variety of users to work with map data.

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Download Mapillary map data with one click.