Link to map view

how can I link to a specific view of the map? E.g. the browser shows the following URI:
But if I open this link in a new window, I just get a zoomed out view of the whole world.
Thanks for your help!

hi @asdfex, you are doing it right, but there is a bug that causes links that should work to give a zoomed out view of the whole world. See issue #1393

@asdfex I’ve deployed few fixes today and there was indeed a race issue with Mapbox GL initialization and the route. Works correctly. Thanks for reporting. @de_vries report is next up in the queue :smile:

I just tried it again, but for me it still does not work.

What browser and OS are you using @asdfex? This is what I got in Chrome right after the page is loaded. Let’s investigate that.

tried it on different machines:

Firefox on Kubuntu 15.04 : doesn’t work
Firefox 40.1 on OpenSuse 13.2: doesn’t work
Chrome on Android 4.4: doesn’t work
Chromium on OpenSuse: works

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