Map display is broken in Firefox


the map display is pretty broken in my browser (Firefox 41 under Ubuntu) - see . As you can see, the Mapillary points and pathes are displayed, but the map itself is very incomplete. Only the labels and some incomplete waterways and roads are displayed.

The map looks fine in Epiphany.

Any idea what causes this?

@roadblock it seems that some of the tiles haven’t been fetched. Does the map stay the same when you zoom out and in couple of time? Zoom out should trigger tiles to be refetched in case they aren’t downloaded.

Well zooming in and out doesn’t really make a difference. The map stays incomplete, which is especially visible with the river. Also the roads are drawn with very pale edges, but maybe that’s intentional or a different issue.

Firebug initially shows lots of successful GET requests, also a single “Error: data.oauth is undefined” error apparently from Google Analytics. After zooming in and out a few times some network errors appear, like this one: “NetworkError: 403 Forbidden -”. But the map is already displayed broken before these errors appear.

I guess I’ll wait if a new release of Firefox or Mapbox fixes this :slight_smile:
It would be nice though if I could opt-out of the WebGL map. Switching off WebGL in Firefox fixes the map issue, but also downgrades the photo viewer.