Mapillary website - explore the map [solved]

at when I select Explore Map Data or try to sign in I just get this…
Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 8.10.13 pm
I’m using an iMac and tried a few browsers.
Is this expected?

Can you check the browser error console to see what it says? (Open Chrome DevTools - Chrome Developers) From the look of things, loading the web page fails and the log will hopefully have some clues about why it happened.

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The website works fine for me in Safari, Chrome, Tor, Brave and Ghostery Dawn.
The web site fails when selecting Explore Map Data or sign in only in Firefox and Cliqz browsers.
I expect it is to do with WebGL.
Using Cliqz browser I get this message…
“Your browser does not support WebGL or it’s not enabled. To experience Mapillary, you need WebGL. Please enable it and try reloading this page.”
There is web help to solve the problem with Firefox browser but I am happy to use one of the others that work for me now.
Thanks for your help.