iPhone6 vx iPhoneX: what happened?

I’ve captured iPhone 6 and X side by side in a running car.

On the right is iPhone6 - the camera feed is steady.
On the left is iPhoneX - notice the camera feed being all drunk and wavy.
As a result, photos, taken on the move, are nearly useless (very blurry) with iPhoneX.

Any idea what causes this, and whether it is fixable in some way?

I have the same problem, but only when driving with bike and sometimes on gravel road with car (trunk efect).

In my version problem, I think, problem is in my phone (camre stabilisation system…)


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Yeah, this happens with iPhone6 also when the vibrations are substantial (on very bad gravel roads with a car, on uneven roads with a bicycle, and terrible on gravel roads with a motorcycle).

But iPhoneX is soooo much worse, even though it’s several generations more recent.
What mistake did Apple make there?