Nexus 5X Side facing gps flips out when stopped

Edit: This isn’t a real issue it’s just user error!

Using Nexus 5x. Mapillary version=389(3.89)

I posted my phone in the right window of my car. When in automatic capture mode and the car slows down and stops the camera takes a burst of images (sometimes nearly 20!) usually in the same spot. Each of these images have semi-random directions. After the car starts moving again the images are fine.

EDITED: The actual issue is caused by the timer based capture enabled instead of distance based capture.

Have you tried the minimums in the settings ?

I checked the settings on the phone again and this is a false bug report. I had capture photos based on time set (each second) instead of distance based thus creating what seemed like a burst of shots when stopped. Sorry for the trouble! I’m editing my post accordingly and mods are free to delete if they wish.

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It happens to the best. But we don’t call one picture/second a burst.

@3vivekb No worries! Glad it was a “fake issue” :slight_smile: I won’t delete since as @filipc said, it happens to all of us, so it might be useful for someone to stumble upon and read this just for a reminder.