Image serries uploaded, but something went wrong?

I created a series of images, then the battery of the camera went dead. When I got home I connected the camera to power and synced the images and clicked to add EXIF data and uploaded…

BUT after the upload I do see a higher number of images… but I fear there is NO EXIF data?!

Can these images be removed?

And… I now think I have figured it out how to get the images WITH the EXIF data… but the camera went dead… this was attempt number five to get it to work… I will figure it out… but geez it isn’t foolproof (and I thought I wasn’t a fool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Just to clarify:
You uploaded e.g. 100 images but somewhere (where?) it says e.g. 105?

Mapillary will reject images without exif data. It needs at least a timestamp and the GPS coordinates. Why do you think you have uploaded images without exif data?

Usually cameras put exif data into the image when it is taken. If it does not have GPS you add it afterwards. Was that what you was missing?

It did upload I found out now.

GPS additions were not OK… (sigh)

I have requested deletion of the data, will go for attempt number 6 in the near future… I will figure this out… (wish there was a seriously good instruction somewhere, with all the warnings, do’s and dont’s and things one can do wrong… figuring this out is such a waste of time)

When I have figured it out, and I will, I’ll post a detailed instruction… with what I experienced working with the LG360 and the app. It might help save time figuring it out for others… and keeping the tricky parts in mind…