Image and Position out of Sync with LG 360° cam (iOS App)


Yesterday I had a strange problem with about 2000 pictures from my LG 360 cam. The position of the images is not correct, they are positioned to another position I was on the same day and sometimes into nirwana by the app after importing them from the camera.

I use the iOS app for remote control of my LG 360, import of the pictures and upload to In the past this worked without problems.

I suspect two things:

  1. could there be a daylight saving problem / timeshift by one hour be the problem? It’s my first picture taking / importing after the switch back to winter time.
  2. I stopped the recording of pictures in the middle of the ride and restarted it in the app without leaving the recording screen. Could there be a mismatch between pictures and position?

My questions to the mapillary-team:

  • How does the mapillary app match the picture from the LG360 with the position from the iPhone?
  • Is there a chance of correcting this error or do I have to dump these pictures? (Unfortunately, I already deleted them from the camera, recovery worked, but I do not have the original filenames anymore)

Greetings from Switzerland

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HI @doebeli,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with image coordinates. It sounds similar to this issue here. Which version of iOS are you on currently?

Thus our iOS developer suspects if the first cause you inspected.

Let me get you an answer on the images. Is there any meta data in the images you recovered?



The LG images are matched to the phone using the time stamp. The app should be syncing the time between the two devices.

Thanks for your answers!

iOS: 11.0 (15A372).

The recovered images still have the recording date as meta data and the change date of the file matches the recording date. When I try to import the images into the iOS app, they are skipped (probably because already imported them?)

Thanks for the newest update of the app! My problems are solved, about 2000 360° pictures are now positioned at the right place!

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Awesome! Thanks for reporting.

I seem to have the same problem, I’m in the correct position on the map, but after syncing the pictures, the GPS coordinates are way off, and in a straight line for some reason.
This equence for example:

Which time stamp is used by the iOS app to match images in the LG360 and the iOS app? Change time of the file according to the file system or EXIF time stamp? (I have a new problem with not matching images).

@doebeli I’ll have to check with @Anders on this one but he’s soaking up some sun. Let’s check in again with him when he gets back.

Problem solved: It’s the file system change time stamp. (After I changed the file system of the second SD card from FAT32 to exfat, the problem was gone - so it must be the file system change date).

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Ah good to know. Thanks for replying @doebeli