Mapillary app on Android and LG R105 360 camera

I saw the blog post about the LG R105 360 being used with Mapillary for iOS.
Is the same possible on Android to control the camera from within Mapillary?

It says, “Press the “WiFi” button to find and connect the external camera.” but is this only on iOS?

I have this camera but have taken images with the LG app and uploaded to Mapillary manually.
Example 1
Example 2

No, nothing is possible with Android. That explains my bad pictures.

I use a separate app on Android, made by LG and upload photos manually :frowning:

I understand that and I used LG 360 CAM Manager as you can see in my examples I took the images remotely.

I am asking if Mapillary can control the camera with an android device directly.

@Didz no, not yet, but this is upcoming! We’re working on it.


Ha @filipc, I don’t think youre pics are so bad? I like those 360 pics in Mechelen. Did you also try the time lapse with a 2 second interval mounted on your bike or did you only use it walking at interesting places?

I also have a Garmin Virb XE action cam. But my computer has problems with python. I went to a python gathering and I am not the only one with python installation trouble.
My spherical camera has only a time lapse of 8 seconds.

Hi, any update on when the Mapillary Android app will work with LG360 and Ricoh Theta?

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@adam I don’t want to promise a precise time for when it will be ready, but it is being actively worked on! The latest updates in the Android (beta) versions where you see the gpx tracks being handled separately are part of this process since it’s necessary when preparing external camera images for upload.

Thanks, this sounds encouraging!

My problem with ‘Processing’ is that my Galaxy S3 takes ages to do it, so it will take 30mins to process 800 images and that is before it can start uploading.

Also if the screen switches off or the upload is cancelled then it has to do the processing all over again!

Is there anyway that the Processing can be done in the background before I start to upload (or have a separate button) and that once it is done it is saved?

It is really slowing down my uploads.

I thought the upload processing stopped when the screen went off too - I mentioned it here

I have gone back to 3.27 for now as the newer versions are not working with Samsung cameras properly with or without legacy option set. This version also has the older uploader.

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Hi Katrin/ Admins

I’m new to the chat here and I joined because of this one post. I have just bought an LG360 and I know that you were working on integrating it. So I’m guessing that two years later it must be at least in beta. Do tell me if it has been abandoned - optimistic new user - Roger

I am using the LG R105 360 cam also. This is what I do:

Apps you need to install on your phone:

  1. install the mapillary app
  2. install the native LG camera app
  3. a good GPX-tracking app (I use " myTracks" on my iPhone) (GPS data logging of the mapillary app is horribly unstable)

And then:

  1. start recording your track (with myTracks)
  2. start the LG-app
  3. in the top right select your cam-ID
  4. go to your phone WiFi settings and select your cam (first time enter your password)
  5. go to the mapillary app
  6. via the ‘camera symbol in the middle’ add your cam
  7. in the settings (sprocket symbol) check the distance recording! ( I use 2 meters, then I can afford a “miss fire” :wink: )
  8. go for it!

I built my own script to match the track to the images. Also there is “GeoSetter” (exiftool and other ways) to match the GPX track to the images. But all ways are a bit of work if you want to do it right. Find the one that suits you the most… I am planing to create something to do it better/faster (but that’ll be a while :wink: )

Hi @Victuallers,

Welcome to the forum!
I hope you’ll remain optimistic anyway but I do have to inform you that the Android external camera integrations have been put on the shelf for the time being. As we have limited developer resources, we can’t do everything we’d wish and therefore sometimes need to reprioritise things. We understand that several people have been very much looking forward to this.

But on the bright side, it’s still very much possible to use the LG 360 for Mapillary, you just need to use it with its own native app that will control the camera and geotag the images (as has been mentioned above in this thread), and then use our desktop uploader which will swiftly do the upload for you.

(Alternatively, you can also try the web uploader, or our Python tools if you know your way around the command line.)

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good to have some clarity on this. you certainly are quite stretched.
hopefully there are nice things coming for 360 camera capture!

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Looks like things are changed now. I am not able to find “add your cam” option now in Mapillary android app.

you can use the LG android app to record the 360 images every 2 seconds (that will include the gps tag inside the picures also), I use the python tools to upload them afterwards to mapillary

If you rely on the EXIF tag you need the LG app on the phone stay open all the time. In my experience, the location quality was not good, probably because transmission of location from phone to camera was coarse and delayed. Better record a track with your phone separately and correlate locations afterwards.