Image direction not derived from GoPro9 in python CLI upload

Quoting from mapillary_tools/ at master · mapillary/mapillary_tools · GitHub, the section

Derive image direction and Upload

  • Derive image direction (image heading or camera angle) based on image latitude and longitude. If images are missing direction*, the direction is derived automatically, if direction is present, it will be derived and overwritten only if the flag --interpolate directions is specified.

  • As with the GoPro9, where the GPS Img Direction entry is lacking in the EXIF-section

Please refer to my sequence of 9 June, where the ways were captured in both directions, yet the fans all point due north.

As an aside, the lacking parts of sequence issue - posted as Sequence taken 5 June (uploaded few days after) still only part visible on maps - is also present here, and on this occasion the pics were uploaded several days ago - hence well after the previous issue was solved, and don’t appear in the OSM iD editor either.