Desktop Uploader reset EXIF heading data

Hello folks,
I use a GoPro Hero 3 to capture images and my phone to log GPS trace (with OsmAnd).
I’m doing a lot of tests with mapillary_tools commands before contributing to avoid uploading bad content.

The last point to complete my setup is to set the heading (camera direction) for my pictures. I used the --interpolate_directions flag and I was trying to check if the generated datas was good. So I dropped my images in the Windows Desktop Uploader, and I was surprised to see there was no direction for my pictures on the map.

Then I checked the EXIF data and… the MAPCompassHeading had been erased on all images! There were filled before the Upload tool, though (data comparison here). Did I miss something?

On the web uploader, the heading seems not read too… How to be sure the MAPCompassHeading datas are good?


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Late answer… I’ve not used the desktop uploader, but this is my experience with the mapillary command line tools which line up with your problem/experience:

The mapillary command line tools do not embed the interpolated heading (from --interpolate_directions) into the image EXIF. Instead, it is being written into the ImageDescription tag, with a bunch of other information in JSON format. It is also being written into a JSON file in the logs folder, which the command line tools create for every image (e.g. “images.mapillary\logs\image_000055\sequence_process.json”).

the ‘old’ command line tools from 2018 did edit the images Exif directly (not a temporally json file), you may try them

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