How to works the angle icon in website?

I have 2 sequences, taken in different time with the same angle (181º), but the website is rendering the angle icon with different position. i’m not sure if its a problem the photos or website.

photo 1:
photo 2:

thanks for your comments.

The angle is fine in the photos themselves. I guess the angle is actually overwritten by the 3D reconstruction, that aims to be more precise. But if you click “Show point cloud”, you will see 3D reconstruction is completely lost in this landscape. @gyllen could we keep the original photo angles when the point cloud is too shaky ?

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Right now we have really no good way to determine if a reconstruction was successful or not. So until we figure that out we unfortunately need to live with these bad angels.

how I can help to increase the reconstruction results? more sequences in the same area?

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Yes, also more and smaller distance between images.

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This answers a question I had. :smile:

I’m wondering about that ‘compass angle’ icon in the edit-view too, especially as the compass of my phone doesn’t seem to be very reliable.
Does the pointy side of that ‘arrow’ show the direction of view, or the other way around, does the open side of the ‘arrow’ show the ‘angle of view’?
Thanks in advance, Markus

The pointy part shows the direction in the edit view. We’ll be remaking the edit view and will update the icons to use the field of view indication as we use in the other parts of the website. Sorry for such late reply!

I, maybe, have found a bug with a map preview in Manual Upload section of the web-site, when your sequence is ready and you want to check the directions on the map it shows that some photos have completely off direction, but when clicking on them and actually comparing the direction angle, id differs only from 1 to 10 degrees, so photo should face in the general direction of the next photo in the sequence. I will review the sequence itself when it processed and see if this has impact when viewing the sequence.

Bug described above:

Are those arrows or angles ? If those are arrows, I think mly is wrong.