Direction of view

when viewing a photo, I can see at map the position where it has been taken but not the direction of view. It would be a good option to implement this. Can this be extracted from EXIF/GPX-Data?

It would be. This feature was implemented, but isn’t working atm, due to a known bug.

I reported it in August but 3 months later I still can’t see image direction nor image position.
I’m sorry to say but I can’t recommend Mapillary anymore to others if they don’t see this information.

(I was a out to put in a new request for this. Now I see that this old request.)
It would be extremely helpful to see this on the standard map view, at least as an option. It would help to quickly spot sequences that have strange angles. As most of my sequences are OK, I normally do not bother to check, but occasionally, for unknown reasons, sequences have many wrong angles. The visualization could be modelled on the one of the JOSM Mapillary plugin, which I use fr that purpose at present, but to have it incorporated in the main viewer would be better.

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I forgot one particular aspect of this. As most Mapillary sequences are front-view, the direction indicator would be helpful to spot those ways that have Mapillary cover only in one direction.

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