No direction arrows on my route images

I don’t appear to be have much success with Mapillary atm…

I’ve uploaded a route & received an email confirming they’d been published. However as you can see the inline direction arrows haven’t appeared. Is there something specific I need to perform or are the images still being processed & I need to be a bit more patient?



What phone/OS and Mapillary version are you using? There was a problem with the direction arrows a while back, but as far as I know, that’s fixed.

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I’m using a Shimano cm2000 action camera to take a succession of photographs of a bike ride. It doesn’t have GPS.
I’m using a Garmin Oregan GPSr to record a GPX of the route.
I’m using FotoGeoTag to geotag the photos from the GPX data.
I’m using the Mapillary webpage to upload.

@DaveF, if you’re still seeing the problem, could you post the URI for it? That way we can easily peak at the exact same exact thing. It could just be an issue with the GUI.