Missing arrows on my captures

Today I’ve done my first capture with Mapillary. I’ve noticed that my routes do not have the arrows on them that let you pick next and previous captures.

Here you can see an example without the arrows:

Here’s someone’s else photo from nearby that does have these arrows:

That’s how the views render for me - without arrows on the left, with arrows on the right:

Is there something I change in the settings to enable these interactive arrows?

Your sequences had the arrows for me, I suspect they may have still been processing when you checked. Check again and I think you’ll see the arrows.

Hm. I still don’t see them on my device, in private mode, and on another device that loads it for the first time.

Would you be so kind to send a screenshot of how my captures render in your case, to make sure we’re talking about the same thing?

Sorry, I mistakenly thought you meant the arrows at the top middle, my view is also not rendering the bottom of the window arrows.

All of your uploads still show as processing (number of images is still shown as an orange box, it goes black once processing is complete). I suspect this is the root cause to your lack of arrows.

The processing in progress indicator is circled in red in the screenshot attached:

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Aah, thank you! Didn’t know they are still processing