How to remove incorrectly placed objects on OSM?

I found a sign placed in the middle of the square when it is somewhere else. I wanted to edit it in OSM, but it’s impossible. Then it must be editable on the Mapillary side?

If there is already a thread about this here, please send me the link, I searched but couldn’t find it.

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@GanderPL - do you have a link to it?

IDK :rofl:

Mapillary: Traffic Signs

There is a Mapillary JOSM plugin, would expect some of the functions to include :
a/ any logged in contributor - be they OSM or Mapillary - can suggest an adjustment and
b/ the logged in contributor of that photo can edit outright :
1/ the placement (including direction) of photos and detections
2/ amend the detected meaning of traffic signs
3/ clarify detected features, e.g. that a tall planter isn’t a waste receptacle, or a bollard isn’t a fire hydrant (the reverse is merely incomplete, as the hydrant would act as a bollard :slight_smile: )
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Use RTK for Mapillary acquisition. It will give much higher accuracy on traffic sign detection.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it even in JOSM. I can only view the photo from which these characters were obtained, but nothing can be changed.

@GanderPL :

In short :
‘would expect’ is used to indicate that I would expect the plugin to perform the actions listed, unfortunately that indeed doesn’t happen : in contains a suggestion to Mapillary ‘to get it sorted’

The longer story : from the JOSM Plugins list :

Mapillary: Version 2.2.0 (local: 2.2.0) (requires apache-commons)

Allows the user to work with pictures hosted at More info … leads to JOSM/Plugins/Mapillary - OpenStreetMap Wiki" :

“A JOSM plugin for viewing and modifying images from Mapillary as well as uploading new images to the website. It was developed as part of the Google Summer of Code 2015”, BUT

Release v2.2.0 · JOSM/Mapillary · GitHub confirms that v2.2.0 (latest) was released this Aug 22.

item 5. “You can move the images around with Click and drag and rotate them with Shift-click and drag. Select multiple images to change them simultaneously”

Finally, on the Mapillary tab in the Plugins menu there are tick boxes for amongst others :

= When opening Mapillary image in web browser, show the blur editor instead of the image viewer
= use computed location information

Thus the plugin would allow some of the most longed-for post upload actions*, except that under windows 10, using Karakun OpenWebStart it doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

  • would also want to correct detections : planter > waste basket, motorcycle > quad bike etc.

Suggestion :
as latest v. is 22 aug’23 - that’s well after the new api - ‘Mapillary, get it sorted, please’

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