Correcting several images on a sequence

i have this problem, i want correct several images on a sequence with a bad position, i know the correct position but i can’t find the way to move this lot of photos with just some clicks and not one by one. (the mapillary edit option only accept move one by one or maybe I didn’t see how). ¿do you know how to do that?

let me show you in a screenshot.
I have a long line of photos with a bad position.


Hi with the JOSM Mapillary plugin, if you double click on the sequence, the whole sequence gets selected. I think you need to activate the Mapillary layer for this behaviour though. Ctrl-click should also (de)select.



but does that move the pictures and save as changeset to mapillary?
Also howto make sure it is <100 changes in one changeset?


I’m having some troubles with the Mapillary JOSM plugin too, specifically with editing photo’s direction. I’m able to do other things I need with it.
But I’m not able to adjust the direction of the photo at all.
Is this perhaps because my photos are missing the direction tag?

The photos are taken with OSMTracker and hence have only coordinates. The plugin does show a North up arrow on each photo, though.

I don’t see any documentation/advice on how to adjust the direction on the plugin wiki page, only a notion that modifying photo direction is possible (

Any advice?

not sure @jaakkoh, this might be an issue for the plugin author?