How to download my images (using python)?

Does someone has a script to download private (own) files, not an organization. Thanks!

(already found a working script.


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My setup. I will download each year I contributed inside a specific year folder. After downloading I use imagemagick to reduce the size of all files to about 1Mb (since I have millions of files). I will repeat this for 2017 upto 2020. Put them on a large harddisk. And then wait for a mapillary alternative not associated with a spying organization.

Btw it seems I can only download blurred files this way, which is fine for me.

Example script to do this for images I made in 2016:

./ --start-date 2016-01-01 --end-date 2017-01-01 loginxxxx micmin1972 /data/mapillary/2016

for d in /data/mapillary/2016/*/; do echo $d; for f in $d*; do echo $f; if [ $(stat -c%s $f) -gt 1100000 ]; then echo Ja maak kleiner; convert $f -define jpeg:extent=1012kb $f; else echo Klein genoeg; fi; done; done

Good luck in hoping for a free alternative, that will not come.
If you do not have a use for your pictures at home, no need to fetch them.

Also do not forget, pictures were attributed with a free to use license, everyone could have had downloaded them already and used them. Even facebook. So whatever you do, it is far to late.

In the end it is the decision: take pictures and publish them to use for all, or do not.

Well. He COULD upload them to openstreetcam …
I know that it’s not excatly the same service (and pretty far from it), but the basic functionality for sofa-mappers is there.

I do consider openstreetcam as almost dead, so I am waiting for a better non-facebook alternative in the near future. Until then I keep them on Mapillary for the osm community.

Need another week to download and backup my files right now.


OSC is a possible solution, despite it ONLY takes road pictures. Pictures from a non-road-area are simply ignored, or bended onto the next road. Not very useful.
Also others told it is rather dead.

If you are the use of Mac and getting a Traceback error, then you need to

  1. Go to Applications.
  2. Open Python 3.6 (or whichever that version be)
  3. And install “Install Certificates.Command” through double clicking it.
    The program need to run now