Is it possible to download all my images?

Is it possible to do bulk download of all my own images? This is a usual feature on websites where you can save all of your own data.


You can do it with a script using the API but I’d also like to see a feature like that, particularly all pictures including meta tags.


Technically this wouldn’t be that hard. As mentioned, a python/ruby/whatever script could do it by making use of the “Download unprocessed original” link that is only available to the user who uploaded an image. However the Mapillary terms of use do explicitly prohibit “mass downloads or bulk feeds of any Content, including Metadata”

Of course I have no idea how strictly that clause would be enforced if you were only downloading your own images. It might depend on how many you have. I’m pretty sure trying to download 500k images in one go would get you a pretty quick ban :smile:

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@peter or @gyllen, can you answer @ToeBee s question? Would Mapillary accept that a user bulk downloades all of the users original unprocessed images?

Personally I don’t think those terms are meant to block this case. Its more a company that decies they want a copy of all 10mio images.

I am actually not asking for myself, but think it could help convincing authorities to have their employees upload to Mapillary if they know that if something would happen to the business, the data would not be lost.


If Mapillary should go bankrupt or just change the rules for download, it does not matter. The only way authorities can secure their data is to do it themselfs. I.e. have a local copy, an offsite copy and test a restore regulary. Preferable more copies, because when one copy disappears it is pretty fragile to only have one left. Disasters are flock animals and often comes in many folds.

Mapillary do offer business deals, and part of a such could be an easy way to get their original data. That would count as the offsite copy.

Has anything changed on this?
I was planning to backup all my contributions

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In that worst scenario, I would like to be able to download (my) images with a mapillary tag in OSM.
And maybe the tagged ones in Mapillary.

Nothing from Mapillary. But it is possible to do it via screen scraping. I have posted a proof of concept in Download your own image from Mapillary · GitHub

It just needs to be expanded so you give a sequence key and then it uses this method to download the entire sequence. It does not fetch Mapillarys client id automatically, so when they update it, the script must be updated. It is also pretty sensitive to data changes. A lot can be done in this regard with some more work. But this proves that it is possible to download your own images.



I work for an (EU) institution interested in possibly downloading the entire Mapillary metadata for a particular country in order to improve the query performance for our respective needs. I find what ToeBee said troubling in this regard. Can anyone verify that this is indeed the policy of the service - some links to where this is mentioned in the documentation or alternative proof.

Other than that - would it somehow be possible to negotiate on these terms?

Any information is very much appreciated.



Hi everyone,

Good questions from everyone and sorry for the late response. For issues like this, it’s always best to email so that we can get back to you promptly. There is also some general legal information here.

As others have mentioned, there are two ways to download your imagery currently. The first is using the download image link which is obviously impractical for large downloads. The second is to use our API. We have placed a limit on this however due to the demands large downloads would have on our servers.

For situations where an individual/organisation would like to download a larger amount of imagery, simply contact us with your request. This will enable us to handle it efficiently with a direct download from our servers.

@momut1 it would be great if you can write in with specifics on the metadata you’re looking to access and whether it relates to images you’ve collected or for others.



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Does anyone have a working script for this? (just download and run it)

Mapillary tools GitHub - mapillary/mapillary_tools: Command line tools for processing and uploading Mapillary imagery has an official download option. I have not tried it, and acording to the documentation in the bottom of the site it may only download the normal resolution images from everyone.

Combining the official API with my screen scrqaping example it is definately possible.

it seems like that only applies to organisations that want to download their photos. I’m not in one

Have you tried writing and asking nicely if they want to export your images and put them in a zip file? You might be lucky.