How long does it take for images to be reviewed/removed?

I reported a number of these images over a month ago and was wondering how long it takes for someone to review/remove them?

I have commented on some of the images to ask for the user to remove them but they haven’t. I have also emailed Mapillary support but have had no reply and I have also marked the images for deletion.


Deleting images made by others is not possible. I marked images for deletion 2 years ago and they never were removed.

hey humez

i saw your comments and will take action in januar.


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Hi Chuck,

No problem. I can see that you have contributed a lot of good quality images and must have uploaded these by mistake. It’s a shame Mapillary cannot delete them for you.
I can try and comment on all the images in the flight path if this would make it easier for you to identify the images that may need deleting?

Kind regards,