How i lost 1.5 days of photos


Just sharing the pain.

I lost 1.5 days of non-stop driving and hiking photos (sunny weather) in places mostly without any photos, and some pretty remote hiking routes. 5 minutes ago. A lot of painfully collected images by holding a phone in my hand while hiking over rough terrain.

Travelling, too slow internet at accommodations and my phone was full (holds some 50k images), so I had transferred a lot of photos to the computer. The computer was full by that time, too. Attempted to delete directories I had already uploaded. Something glitched, and the top level directory got pasted, apparently with a newline. It’s SSD, so all gone.

Judging by the free diskspace, I lost ~62.5GB of quality images.

One of those “fuck, I’m dropping this activity” moments… Will likely recover.

On this note, I wish mapillary_tools had an option to remove uploaded images so I don’t have to mess it all up like this.


I know it’s disheartening, but hang in there. Maybe the new desktop uploader might cheer you up


No pain, no gain. It has been a constant struggle for ease of use and quality and it is getting better.


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s frustrating, to say the least.


Per ardua ad astra.


Although I didn’t lost data, during last travel in Madagascar, I fought to upload my sequences during travel and avoid memory saturation. I only add two android smartphones with SD cards. I used wifi connection mostly in a single hotel where I stayed a long time. I uploaded directly from smartphones. Upload speed was correct but the connection was not very stable i.e. each couple of hours the connection was lost, the upload was stalling and didn’t restarted when connection was back after several minutes. Practically, I was not able to take advantage of nights to perform bulk upload. Finally, I ended up uploading 50 GB (within 2 weeks?).

So, I would appreciate a more resilient upload when using the android/smartphone version.


Thanks all. The fact that the images were taken on a sunny day, including a 3 hour hike in an amazing valley, makes this all a bit more sad.

4004, I noticed the uploader coming, but I’m on Linux and in general happy with the mapillary_tools - wish those were made more resilient and automatic instead of developing yet another tool.
Oh, and background uploading on iOS - .


You don’t walk alone. I got the same experience. Lost a lot pictures already 3 times. And some places nobody was there before and i will not go back in next years. I only can say enjoy the pictures you made and forget the lost ones.


Sorry to hear about it. But just because the drive is a SSD, doesn’t mean the deleted files can’t be recovered, right? I’m not familiar with Linux (as I’m a Windows user) but aren’t there file recovery tools on that platform?

I managed to recover files from my wife’s Macbook (which used a SSD drive) when the drive was corrupted.


It was a Linux-mounted image on a Mac, there was no extra drive to create an image of the disk, and the system was used for other purposes. In normal circumstances, a recovery might be an option, but on the road it was discarded very quickly.