Has the way "Home" is dealt with changed?

I am used to seeing multiple entries of random numbers of pictures have been published. Then there would be the acational edit.
For the last 36 hours that seems to have stopped.
I had many perfectly good and worthy pictures blurred for no reason I can see and a few long lists of edits (I assume more blurs) but even though I am continually uploading I no longer see any sequences published.
My numbers continue to climb but “Home” seems to have changed the way business is done.
I realize I’m talking to a nearly empty room, but do either of you who read this have any explanation?
Or a similar experience?

A old tipical “H


I read you.
I do not care any more for things not going smoothly or not being how I like it.
It seems these are batch processes.

@JBTheMilker we’ve had some lags in the past few days but this should catch up. Do you see any updates in your home feed by now?

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In my case the lag lasted about two days. Things seem to be working again now. Thanks.

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