Garmin Virb light problem

So I am new to the action camera world, but recently bought a Garmin Virb XE to do some mapillary:ing. But so far my experience is not good. The problem is that many pictures become dark.

Here everything is perfect

And then one picture later its dark

I would get it if I was taking pictures against the sun, but why here?

It goes on for several minutes, until here

And this example is still very good. In many other cases it is much more extreme.

I have experienced the same. It seems like it doesn’t measure exposure very often or measures it incorrectly.

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@andblu, I have a couple Garmin Virb Elite’s. I have never had that problem. What did Garmin have to say?

Do you know how to check if it’s firmware is up to date? It seems like they could have a fix for something like that.

I’ve been testing a Virb XE, and my experience shows that regardless of what interval you set the photos to be taken, the exposure/white balance are only checked every three seconds. So if you want a good accurate set of photos, set the interval to 3/s, which makes it seem pointless to have the Virb at all. My $40 action cameras also take 3/s photos, and their quality is not much worse, even though the megapixels are much lower.

The XE have a setting where you can lock exposure, or force over/under exposure on the photos. I have not tried these settings as I generally have sufficient light, and the camera have been quick to adjust exposure when moving in and out of shadows.

Elite have a much different menu setup, and don’t give access to setting exposure manually.

I make even darker pictures from inside my car, mostly in built_up streets.

My lens correct is ON.

That EV lock is only for video en video time lapse.

I have a Mercedes B with a sliding trasparent roof window.

Should I allow more or less light in the car ? Should I lighten the interior of the car ?

With my camera on top of the roof, it is better to open the roof window to receive a better wifi signal.

And even worse =

@filipc can you share a couple quick pics of how you use your Garmin Virb in the car?

I see the other one too. Sorry if I missed you stating this before. Have you made sure your firmware is up to date with the Garmin XE? I’d expect it struggling in some cases but not in the way the trees / sunny day one are showing.

A pic of the car too. I’ll find one of what I do with my XE

FYI, this is how I had my Virb Elite in the rental car, a little Corrola, a little while back. I want to try black velvet for the dash. The main key is having that camera right up against the wind screen. I’m wondering if @filipc may get better results by bringing the camera up on windsceeen.

And this is the sequence that was being taken when the rig setup was snapped, from about the same spot.

BTW, if you think you’re seeing a pyramid on the left, you are. It’s America and it’s Memphis so they built one. It’s now a Bass Pro Shop.


The setup on and in my car =

The Garmin Virb XE firmware is 4:30.
Maybe the 0.5 seconds is too fast.

Garmin seems a bit oldfashioned. I do not find a proper forum neither a community relations man. Nor a real facebook group.

The consumer organisation tested it and it is vulnerable.

oh! I didn’t even think of it being on the outside. I wouldn’t imagine there being problems there.

Do you have a route or three that you normally drive? If so, have you had a chance to run some tests with the camera on it and compare the differences? Having 2 pictures per second is 6 times more than what I can do with my Garmin Virb Elite, just a picture every other second. If it’s like some other things in computing, the CPU / computing power needed for that may be exponentially higher. If that’s the case, I’d expect backing it off to a picture every other second should make a clear difference. If not, it’s something else with the firmware.

I went to Egypt and a I saw no pyramids.

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Another example/
Look when it gets worse, until it gets better.

I don’t think it is worth for mly to program for the Garmin camera.
Has mly no muscle against Garmin ?
Ok, this application won’t spawn many purchases, but it can give Garmin a bad name.

I have captured around 200k pictures with Virb XE and I must say that both the exposure and white balance inaccuracies have been a major disappointment for me. I started post processing all my images with Lightroom to mitigate the issue. I’ve decided to sell the camera and am looking for an alternative at the moment.

An example in a tunnel.
It takes a lot of time to have good pictures.
Then it gets all white.
It takes some seconds to get good pictures again.

One good point =
when loosing GPS signal it seems to use the inertia to continue the location.