Garmin Virb Ultra 30


Garmin Virb Ultra 30 looks interesting action cam for Mapillary use

Does it work with Mapillary app? In Android or in iOs?

However somebody reported in Garmin forums that the camera is not geotagging photos shot in interval mode, which makes it really not suitable for standalone use without the app.


I would double check the Geotagging. The Garmin Virbs have long done that when taking photos even in interval mode. I’d find it odd that they’d roll out a $400 camera that doesn’t do something their $100 model does do.

You should be able to copy the JPGs to your computer and upload them with the Python scripts or the web browser upload.


I just got this camera. It is perfect for capturing and images are geotagged, maybe there was a bad firmware at one point. There is a 10 hz GPS onboard and a 100 hz bearing compass.

One interesting feature is the travel-lapse interval which takes an image based on a distance traveled. However, the lowest distance it will do is 0.01 km or 10 m.


How are you finding it? I might have a chance to get one for £150-200, which is not too bad a price if the device is good. Have they fixed the lagging exposure setting from Virb X/XE?


Travel-lapse sounds interesting. How fast it actually takes images in highway speeds, if set to take every 10 meters? Is there any quality difference in images taken with interval/travel-lapse when comparing to single photo mode? (My Sony FDR-X1000 for example takes only compressed FullHD JPG’s in interval mode, but nice 4k’s in single photo mode).