Action cam with compass

Having used a Hero for on-bike capturing, I’ve once again remembered the good things about having a heading tag in exif and the pain when you have to rely on extrapolation.
What action cameras compatible with mapillary have a compass/magnetometer?
(apart from Garmin, the garmin tax makes their 2015 tech prohibitively expensive)

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It would also be nice to make a separate bluetooth compass for smartphones

yeah, the compass headings on my images can jump drastically, and sometimes are exactly 90/180deg wrong. I presume it could be both the hardware and software at fault. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any pnp solution for smartphones.
On the main topic, I managed to get a half price Virb ultra, as it seems the only other people doing a compass-enabled action cam were tomtom, and they don’t care anymore

Kinda sad. For a bit there was a window to grab the old garmin virb elite for a decent price given it’s lack of reliability ( they’re infamous for bricking after warranty, rubber covers quickly die, et al ). But once they stopped selling it, the few with them to hold out for outrageous prices.

Is this issue with heading you’re seeing with the GoPro Hero 7 Black? I’ve looked at that to move to going forward. I didn’t realize it had that issue.

None of the gopros have the ability to record image heading (apart from Fusion, sort of), so I just use interpolation for images captured from a fixed camera. As you might imagine, it doesn’t always work (gps jumping around causes heading changes).
My main compass issues are with the mapillary app, when capturing on my phone.

The compass on the virb ultra also doesn’t seem to be the proper one for sequential capture, as I can usually tell it is interpolating image heading from direction of travel, instead of using the supposedly present magnetometer. Garmin support didn’t understand me when I questioned this