Olympus Tough TG-Tracker Action Camera

I has been considering this camera instead of the more popular and expensive Go-Pro. Does anyone has experience with this Camera? I love that has GPS data in the pictures and videos.
Any input is welcome.


The time lapse feature (may be called other things) is essential for Mapillary. Unfortunately it is often hard to find out what it actually does.

It as movie time lapse, where it can go down to 2 images/s. This is a very good speed, for it produces a movie (extra work for you) and it is only 4K resolution. That is ok, but could be better.

It also has “Sequential Shooting” and I am not quite sure if that is time lapse or many images quickly after each other.

I would try to find the manual to find out.

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You should also know if you yourself and your computer are capable of working with python. I have not heard for a long time of mly support for action cameras. I have an Garmin Virb XE which is out of work because of that.

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We’ve used both this cam and a GoPro for Mapillary images.

The GoPro went out of battery quick. Then we charged the battery during recording. Now the hardware got so hot what caused the loss of data on the memorycard. Not amused with that.

For the Tracker, when shooting sequential at 0.5 second, every second picture has the same coordinates as the first. This gives a dizzy feeling when viewing the photo’s in Mapillary. Also the compass heading is not ok. Another downside is you have no control at distance interval.

What worked well is recording a video (60FPS / FHD / 10 minute loop / 2.1 GB each) and record a GPX track with a GT750 GPS logger. Aligning the video and track in the uploader works wonderfully and the stills it get have a great interval:
I was happily surprised how well the algorithm handled the moments where I had to stop and wait for the railway crossings.

The quality differs because 4K photo’s vs FHD video still but you get the point.

@filipc, I’m sorry I don’t quite understand. You’re not able to use your Garmin Virb XE with because it doesn’t support .mly files? Doesn’t it store JPEG w/ the GPS information stored with the meta data for the image?

I could of course upload all pictures and let mly automatically make sequences when the distances are more than 300 metres. But the problem is that the camera keeps shooting when I stand still.
And I do not remember whether it is quick enough to shoot from a car.
The quest for an ideal action camera goes on.

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