Distance base by Action Camera

I Just bought Garmin Virb XE to cover long roads when driving.
Is there any solution to take photos distance base?

Return the XE to the shop.
It does not adapt quickly enough to changing light.
It is no good for Mapillary.

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OK, thank you!
What is your suggestion?

only buy Garmin cameras if you can get them with a very deep discount, they are pretty rubbish for the price.
if you plan to keep the XE, there should be a distance based setting (Travelapse or something like that), and you can also link it to the Mapillary app on iOS - just need to connect to the same network.

you can do the same with GoPro.

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I checked XE it only has timelapse, I noticed in garmins only Virb Ultra 30 has timelapse.
do you know any other for Gopros?
I connect camera to mapillary app today and test in external camera I only see time base . didn’t find any option to config distance base for external camera.

The next step is to read the Mapillary Help manual.

In the tools;

–duplicate_distance DUPLICATE_DISTANCE
max distance for two images to be considered
duplicates in meters

The default then being to not upload duplicates.

you mean the only way is by command line?
no way on app? I’m not expert in command lines of macm :frowning:

I don’t know sorry. I only use the CLI. The concept of duplicates however should exist across all process/upload methods.

What is the decision ?
Here an example that I will delete one of these days.

Oh! I sow your shot, It’s very bad!
Well I am searching to see which action camera has travel-lapse and I didn’t find any except Garmin Virb Ulta 30, it’s again Garmin and might have same problem.

Regarding image quality it seems that Gopros are best choice especially Hero 8 black but no information regarding compability with mapillary iOS app or travel-lapse. :frowning:

The Ultra 30 does not have that problem.

Ultra 30 is still rubbish for the money, and is very slow to adjust exposure. It is also difficult to get accessories eg a polariser filter, for. The travelapse functionality seems quite useless and I’ve never thought of using it for Mapillary since the smallest distance betweens shots is I believe 50m, which is too much.
The iOS app works fine with all GoPros, as I don’t think they had massive api changes. But no travellapse from what you’ve said.

4004, you might be right about the Ultra 30.
I only looked at the pictures from Polyglot. There the lighting conditions might have been stable and he used time lapse.

I was searching for Ulta 30 travel-lapse min and Max distance and didn’t find any information but if min. Is 50m it might be enough for out of City highways but not enough for many other conditions.
Unfortunately the store does not accept returns but not very important since I bought it cheap.
But no problem I buy new one, just I want the make sure this time Hero 8 black is the best choice for compability and picture quality.

Thanks for your help!

you could previously get Hero 2018, which was a rebadged Hero 5, for quite cheap and reflash it. I’m not entirely up to speed with latest gopros, but don’t think they made massive leaps in image quality since Hero 5/6.
Either way, the best camera is one you actually use - you might find the Virb ok, loads of people have used for mapillary.

I’ve checked another Garmin topic on here and somebody mentioned it’s in fact 0.01km (10m) distance, not 50m, which is still a lot for SfM. They probably didn’t trust the shoddy gps chip they put in to get an accurate enough fix for <10m.

But don’t let a forum message stop you from trying things out - if you can try and return one go for it.
I’d probably say <140 EUR is an ok price for the Ultra

I only heard of one person happy with the Virb XE.

I sold the Garmin Virb XE and bought Go-pro Hero 8 Black.
well I just test it for a day but as you mentioned it changes the exposure very fast and don’t have dark images so images are far better than Garmin, voice commands are helpful during driving to start or stop time lapse.
the app is much better than Garmin’s. LCD helps to check camera is in good place.
but it has dark side also, in Wide mode it doesn’t have lens distortion correction like Garmin which was disappointing, Since I use it for long drives (for example 5 hours) I should plug to external power, Garmin is made for that and I could attach power very easy and without any concern. but in Go-pro I should open a door which SD card Battery and USB-C port all are behind it. the door should always be open so it might brake and battery might jump out during movement.
didn’t test it with Mapillary app yet.

Thank you for your help and guides

You can remove the door with a bit of intelligent brute force.

I think you are the first one with a Gopro 8 on this forum.
Tell us your experience.
Does it also heat up too much behind the windscreen on a sunny day ?
Is it also non responsive after a power up ?

I surely had for more as 400 euro anger with it already.

Sure I write my experience,
Yes you are right I can remove the door but still battery can jump our easy.
well I didn’t have long drives these days but in here (36C), half an hour drive, and not charging is OK, it is warm but didn’t feel much heat.
one time after long time power off it didn’t power up till I remove and install the battery.

what I noticed when I upload the photos to mapillary photos are all north up! it looks like photos don’t have direction! I didn’t have gopro before and I didn’t find what is wrong!
the other problem is when I upload images to mapillary they are not sorted on the map
for example from image10 jumps to image 30 and again get back to 11!
any solution? :frowning: