Anyone used a body camera for mapillary?

I’m going to buy a body camera and I thought I might as well get one that can also be used for mapillary and also as a dash cam too.

I see a lot of reasonably priced ones from a brand called Boblov. Some of these have GPS built in.
I’m not sure if you can set them to take photos regularly.

Has anyone tried this? Do they work well?

I am using a DJI Action 2 action camera to take photos for mapillary. The camera has a built-in magnet and is secured by clamping it to clothing using the included magnet plate. When I was wearing thick winter clothes, the fixation was not sufficient and there were several accidents where the camera fell.

Put the camera in video mode and walk around. Set the frame rate to 24 fps to reduce file size. Set image stabilization to Horizontal steady to keep the field of view horizontal instead of narrowing the angle of view.

The DJI Action 2 does not have a built-in GPS; use the “GPS Logger” app for Android to record the trajectory in GPX format.

The video in mp4 format and the trajectory in GPX format will be brought home and processed by mapillary_tools. Uploading is done using the Mapillary desktop uploader.

Here is a sample trajectory recorded this way.

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I bought a kit on amazon that sells an assortment of different gopro accessories for ~45 USD. it included a body mount, but my camera takes photos in 360 and I haven’t considered mounting it on my chest because it would limit my FOV, and I don’t really walk much.

I have considered putting it on my dog’s back, but my dog isn’t too keen on following paths and such when not on a leash.

Walking is not steady enough. So I put my phone on a stabilised mount that I held out in front of me. That worked well but was tiring.