Garmin Virb Elite timelapse photo not working

My old Virb Elite camera is resting in the closet since Ive got Gopro from Mapillary… (thanks guys!). Back then I was using it in 1080p video mode, but it resulted in crappy quality of the pictures.
And now I read that you can use it to shoot 2s timelapse photos instead of making a movie. Well, but not mine :-/ I put on 2sec timelapse mode + switch on burst mode and selftimer 2sec, and when I hit photo button it will take only two photos and then stop.
Am I doing something wrong? I have soft ver. 4.00

I think garmin software is a bit confusing. You might need to play around with it, but on an Ultra it’s no self timer, 2 sec timelapse and no burst to take 2 sec interval photos

On the VIRB Ultra it’s not timelapse, you need travelapse, otherwise all pics have the same coords.

I definitely get different coords with the “basic” Standard Timelapse mode, not the travelapse one (which has intervals that are too big). FW 4.80

Maybe this was fixed in a recent Firmware Update, I didn’t check again. Travellapse offers 10 meters what is fine to me, the camera is not even fast enough to take picture every 10 meters when riding more than 70 km/h on my bike.

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I have a Virb Elite and still using it.
You should not set it to blurst mode. My setting of Photo are:
resolution: 8M, 4:3
self timer=2 seconds; repeat=on
date stamp=off

Just hit the OK button, and it starts to take photos every 2 seconds, until you hit OK again

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great! I couldn’t find repeat function! its not in the menu just shows up after choosing the self timer frequency…gee…I hate garmin for their user interface.