Flickr problem question

I wanted to show you all pictures of my bicyle gear. As I use two smartphones, there are pictures from both. I have used Flickr now for months on my new smartphone. I made pictures with my old smartphone and then installed Flickr on it. Then the old smartphone uploaded during an hour.
But yet I could not see the pictures on the laptop browser.
Then I logged out and in again on the laptop with the same email address. It added a “1” to my screen name and showed the new pictures from the old smartphone. I cannot login as the old user any more.
I did not find an answer on the Flickr forum and I am not allowed to ask a question there.

FLickr uses a Yahoo account, correct?

Were you able to reset the password on the original account?

Yes, Yahoo. I did not need to reset the pw. Flickr thought the activity on the second old phone suspicious and did let me send a verification code to my hotmail email.