Feature request: Web Uploader to auto upload without Review

I’ve been using Web Uploader exclusively for the past couple of months and there is one step in that process which I find annoying.

My normal work flow is that I use Lightroom to first view all the photos from a sequence, and make any global adjustments to cropping, angle of view, brightness, contrast, shadows/highlights, etc. I also delete any image I don’t want to get published.
I then use the Map module within Lightroom to see the path of the road where the images are captured and also prune out any images which I don’t want to be included.
Finally, I export the images with slight adjustment to image file size, so upload will be a bit quicker.

So, when I then use the Web Uploader, after images are dropped onto Mapillary, I’m presented with an option to Review and then to press the Upload button.

The problem with that process is that after I upload, say 1000 images (which takes a while), I then have to come back and press the Review followed by Upload button, so the images get published.

My request is that for those of us who review the images locally on the laptop, can we be provided with an option to upload and skip the Review process altogether, e.g. have a toggle switch on the dialog below.



Fully agree. Even the first confirmation, for starting the upload, could be skipped for me. Just a option somewhere in the user interface to automatically upload and publish any dropped (or browsed) photos.

There are python tools to avoid the ‘poke and grunt’ of a GUI. That is the real answer, get skilled in command line tools. I know it is harder but it is all there.