Feature proposal: Website notifications

When using the uploader on the website it often it takes a long time to preprocess and upload the images. The page then sits quietly (possibly in a hidden tab, because meanwhile the user is doing something different) and asks for user input (review, upload more). It would be nice if the page could use a desktop notification through the browser (like Facebook for instance does), to notify the user that the process of preprocessing or uploading is finished and user interaction is required.

I like this idea and it will be something that we will implement. Meanwhile you can see that we recently made some improvements to the feed. You will get visual feedback now when images starts to come in.

Oh yes, also an email notification if I upload images and forget to publish them after say half a day. It’s not the first time I’ve done that one and days later gone to upload more to find that I’d forgotten to.

Also, I would like the option to just go ahead and publish everything, before I start the upload. So that I don’t have to come back to confirm each step.