Feature Request: Duplicate check in the pc app

I almost always take my GoPro Max and put it under the windshield when I take the car, but I often forget to upload the video staright when I come back home, so I often forget what videos I haven’t already uploaded. If the PC app could check if a video I selected has already been uploaded, I wouldn’t have to manually check and remember each time, for each video with the website, if I have already uploaded it or not
I’m pretty sure this would be very easy to implement: Just read all the metadata (except the “Last modified on”) and check with other uploads if it corresponds, if yes, put a big warning in the app saying that I cannot upload those videos, and a click to remove them

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Hi! You should get a message in the desktop uploader letting you know which videos/image have already been uploaded previously and these will be skipped in this upload. Do you get something like the following screenshot?

As a workaround, add ‘2upl’ to name of folders with files to be uploaded, change that to ‘upld’ once done;

likely takes less time than waiting for app or CLU to extract date/time + location , compare with database?

And what about those contributors who have more than one camera - pointing different directions but same time and almost same location - or same of geotagged from one external source?

The current duplicate check relies on some image (or sequence) derived hash. It is so persistent I can’t reupload a sequence a month after the original upload has been deleted from Mapillary