Desktop Uploader - False Dupes ---> just destory the POS

I’m sorry. I know how hard it is to deal w/ people who are being shrill. I’m being shrill.

This desktop uploaded sucks and should be destroyed.

It’s failing at uploading pics it should be able to upload. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. Same problem.

Worse, when going to upload sequences that haven’t been uploaded, it seems to randomly find 10 - 40% of the images to be duplicates.

Look, I haven’t uploaded a single damn image form last week. Not a GDO is a duplicate. Absolutely impossible.

This tool in the past has been buggy. Taking away the web upload and forcing me to it has found it to still be a big of steaming shit.

Sorry to be that guy. I gotta get this off my chest. This is bad.

This is walk away sort of bad.


Any chance on this issue being resolved?

Went of for a hike yesterday. Prepped the first batch, @960 photos, for upload.


960 photos of me driving my car. I’m moving. I’m going. I’m moving.

There is not a signal duplicate.

Perhaps zip up and post a few images somewhere so others can look at them and see if there is some other issue. Check the EXIF data and let us know what is in there.

Thank you. Good idea.

The rub is the windows uploader does not log which images failed. It merely states X of N failed. Can’t find anything in it’s logs about which failed. FOr sure, no single set of logs that would make it practical to find that.

If I could know which was failing, I could check to make sure they have exif, et al.

Or is there some log written someplace I can’t find?

Since version 2.0.4, desktop uploader no longer tries to detect or flag duplicates.
Please try again with the latest version and let us know how it goes!

The windows app does not appear to provide a version.

Is there a way to determine that? Or do we have to uninstall and grab the new version for download from someplace?

It does these days under Help/About. The app checks each time its started and updates as required