Desktop Uploader seems to be stuck

It looks like my DU software on Windows is stuck while attempting to upload the photos.

The counter does not increase, i.e. it just says 0/2114, for example, even after I left the DU running for over 45 mins. When I checked the Network status in Windows Resource Monitor, there are many instances of mapillary_tools-win32.exe process running in parallel to address with large amount of data being sent.

I then logged into my account on and look in the Feed tab and there are no new Pending images.

So, what’s going on here? The DU image upload count doesn’t go up, the Feeb tab on my mapillary web account profile doesn’t show and Pending Images and yet, the Network Resource Monitor shows lots of data being uploaded!!


When accidently an mp4 is in the folders, then the desktop uploader is stuck.