Elevation model

Hi, is it possible to get a DEM out of the imagery and point clouds? A open high res elevation model is what is currently missed: http://opendem.info and would help to create 3D mashups using 3D OpenStreetMap buildings and micromapped details.

Not sure if this is helpful, but the API seems to support altitude retrieval in search or retrieve map features. Doesn’t seem to support retrieval on a per image base though.

More down to earth, many people have suggested the possibility of measuring heights and distances on the pictures.
That would greatly increase Mapillary’s appeal.
On the other hand, Mapillary could ask money for that.

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The map features data I mentioned is a commercial service but mentions free for OSM use. Using the OSM editor I can see the features that my driving has encountered and the ability to make a data request for them.

Not much help to the OP though.



@mapillary is there any feedback, if this request is worth a github issue?

Just a side thought.

GPS vertical accuracy is about 2-3 worse than the horizontal. (10-15 metres) For calculating absolute elevation of features photographically it would be prudent to use an existing high accuracy DEM rather than use the elevation data from the encoded image.

As Mapillary can use a lot of sensors (gyro, compass, accellerometer, barometer, …) and esp. use point clouds from different camera angels, they can do a lot of sensor fusion.
This is what this post is all about and if they already have a DEM and if they would like to share it with others…

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