Dynamic Map Alignment in Mapillary

Can Mapillary for Android be configured to automatically adjust the map orientation to match the direction you’re traveling in, similar to how navigation apps work?

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Hi canfe,

Are you referring to the map on the camera screen? Would you mind posting a quick screenshot of what you’re seeing relative to what you’d like to see? (From Google Maps for example)

Yes, of course, since I’m speaking in the Mobile apps section.
I want the map to turn when my car turns, but right now it only moves without turning.

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Gotcha, OK great, thank you for the clarification. @Yaro and I were chatting about implementing that functionality for Android (Mapillary already behaves in the way you describe for iOS). @Yaro - are you able to provide an update here on how it’s looking?


We have this feature implemented on Android, but only for debug builds for now. We can make it as default behaviour for the Camera screen and can include in the next release already.

BR, Yaro