Auto rotate maps

Could Mapillary implement a feature that automatically rotates the map in the direction of travel while capturing images?
This feature is commonly found in most major navigation systems and is considered essential.

Hi @canfe - are you using Android or iOS?

Android, and latest version of Mapilalry

Got it, and you’re seeing the blue dot/arrow rotate, but you’d like the whole map to rotate, is that correct? Is this to make it easier to see where coverage is missing, or what is your main use case?

You’ve incorporated my suggestion to highlight roads with older coverage in orange, allowing me to select them while driving. However, it would be helpful if the map could align with my driving direction, enabling me to quickly identify which way to turn in order to map the missing roads.

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Got it - thank you for the clarification. We have put this feature request on our backlog and will plan to include it in a future Mapillary release.