Download Mapilarry images with API v4

@Thibaultmol I have had success downloading 4032 x 3024 images. I query the api like this (substituting in a token generated with your user account):[TOKEN]&fields=thumb_original_url,computed_geometry,captured_at,computed_compass_angle

Which results in:

   "thumb_original_url": "",
   "computed_geometry": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [
   "captured_at": 1482076899255,
   "computed_compass_angle": 169.20261201305,
   "id": "885713975611091"

Then you can copy ‘thumb_original_url’ and download from there. From what I can tell, these urls are generated on a temporary basis, because I had initially tried bookmarking them, and they stopped working later on. So it makes sense to download them right away and/or save the query string so you can regenerate new URLs later.